June Meeting Minutes

TU Chapter 589

Meeting Minutes for June 2019



Date: 6/11/19

Time: 7-9pm

Location: DSR Welcome Center, 301 County Route 5 Pulaski NY 13142


Members Present: Garrett Brancy-Chair, Mike Mowins-Secretary, Dave Kohr-Treasurer, Rose Greulich, Andy Greulich, John Propster, Ed Stankiewicz, Ted Daly.


Garrett opened the meeting at 7:18.


Agenda Items:


  1. Annual BBQ! – Garrett fired up the DSR barbecue and everyone brought a dish to pass with Dave supplying the Heineken 0! A great, if a bit chilly, time was had by all.
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Dave gave a report we have $2,668.87 in the treasury less the $150 going to support a Trout Camp attendee.
  3. Tug Hill Brook Trout Survey- Garrett caught a 7” in his assigned area. Dave and Paul had no fish in their area. Rose and Andy got no fish in their area. John and Mike got 3 in their area. Dave will be going out again in the coming week.
  4. Mad River Wind Farm – Dave shared that Worth and Redfield passed their laws. No other updates.
  5. Project Healing Waters, Mexico Chapter Monthly Programs – John reported on meetings in May. Have about 11 or 12 attendees each week. He updated on the success of lower reservoir outing. Everyone got a fish and Jay Peck and Rick volunteered to guide and brought boats.
  6. Trout in the Classroom –John updated on Lindsey Creek. Mike shared an update on Camden middle school.
  7. TU Kids Summer Camp – Dave updated that we gave $150 and Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club gave $150 that went to our sponsored candidate. Rose’s candidate’s father Chris Curry never re-connected. Next year we plan to push the Youth Camp opportunity to our TIC kids first.
  8. Rose raised doing IF4 again. Discussion of the options of combining with Spey Nation or holding at Tailwaters again in April in the 3rd weekend, Saturday 18th. Mike suggested that Paul lead the discussion with Spey Nation and Dave moved we try and reserve April 18 with Tailwaters as a back-up option.



  1. Next meeting September 10th, 2019 DSR Welcome Center 7-9pm
  2. Spey Nation June 22nd, Pineville NY Boat Launch
    • Booth volunteers needed - Mike will be primary and Rose and Andy will be there to fill in. Plan is to share the tent with Fish Creek ASC.
  3. Meetings will be cancelled per the Pulaski School District’s closing schedule including the after school activities closing schedule. Follow cnycentral.com for updates
  4. Record your volunteer hours each month for an end of year total. Chapter meetings and your drive to and from all count!


Garrett adjourned the meeting at 7:57.


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